We are proud to announce that the winner of our Peace Week 2012 Poem Competition was a joint entry from Nicole Mann and Patrize Casey.

Good Deed

Loneliness, emptiness, that’s what they feel

The way they live it’s almost unreal

No one to lean on, no who cares

The way they are treated is so unfair

His name was Steve, he told me himself

As I stopped, felt sorry and offered to help

I got him some food and a nice hot drink

And it was at that moment I began to think

How had this happened to this kind friendly man

He was poor and homeless, collecting coins in a can!

People walk past like he doesn’t exist

If he was gone, would he ever be missed?

There may not be hope left for this man’s soul

But in his life there is only one goal

To be happy and loved, without being judged

And hope he finds peace from up above


Nicole Mann Age 17 & Patrize Casey Age 17


PRIZE - £40 Nando's Meal

Peace Week 2012 Poem Competition runner up prize goes to Ayomikun Opara.

Giving peace is a gift that should be treasured,
It mostly comes from the heart.
Many different acts could be seen as giving peace,
Which leads me on to the next part.

From helping the elderly cross the road, 
To carrying their shopping bags home.
You may be thinking you get nothing out of it,
But they might even buy you an ice cream cone.

To be honest it's not just about the ice cream, 
It’s about helping the world go round.
If everybody was doing small deeds for each other,
We could all be living safe and sound.

Ayomikun Opara age 13

PRIZE - £10 Cinema Ticket


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