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Thanks to you, we are now on our stretch goal!

posted 18 Nov 2014, 02:16 by Brighter Steppings

We have reached our goal of 250 supporters, ahead of launch date! Big congrats to everyone that have supported us, we have made history together with Silent Secret. Thanks to your magical support, we are now on our stretch goal to reach 500 supporters!

We truly appreciate all your supports, and hope you will be supporting us in spreading the words to others to click and add their support too. Together we will be launching Silent Secret app.

Here is a sample text of what you can post on your Twitter or Facebook or Tumblr or Blog. 

"#FreeYourSecret support Silent Secret to launch their app with Thunderclap :) You can add your support & read more"

With love and hugs, thank you.

Seun Oshinaike & Silent Secret Team
Silent Secret app is a product of Brighter Steppings Ltd.

Queens Young Leaders Award

posted 12 Aug 2014, 07:01 by Brighter Steppings   [ updated 12 Aug 2014, 07:06 ]

By Darwin Bernardo

“THERE’S nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer,” is a quote I have repeated on numerous occasions.

Over the years I have found that encouraging and supporting young people to embed the characteristic of a role model from a young age promotes lifelong benefits – not only for the individual but also for the community as a whole.

Last month, I was humbled to have been invited to attend the launch of the Queens Young Leaders programme at Buckingham Palace by Their Royal Highnesses the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry. It aims to recognise the exceptional things young people are doing to benefit themselves and other people.

One of the highlights of the day was speaking to The Duke of Cambridge about my experience with Nutmeg community. It’s a youth empowerment organisation that works in the most deprived areas in the London borough of Barnet, where there are many social problems such as gun crime, drugs and high rates of unemployment.

We chatted about the opportunities and challenges young people have in the UK and what we, as leaders in our fields, could continue to do to support and inspire the 18-29 year old generation.

Today on International Youth Day, I will be championing young people and nominating someone for a Queens Young Leaders Award who deserves to be recognised for the lasting change they’re making in their community.  I will be all over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, making my followers know that there’s less than 60 days to go before nominations close and that #TheSearchIsOn.

For many years I have aimed to make young people more aware of the opportunities that are available to them. At times it was difficult as many felt volunteering or doing anything to support their communities was not their responsibility. Only by practicing what I was preaching did they decide to get involved as they could see how I was benefiting from helping my community. My communication and networking skills were getting better and meeting like-minded individuals inspired me to work harder and do more.

This is a great opportunity for all to get involved and use the power of social network to truly help promote this campaign and spread the message far and wide that this programme is looking for shinning examples of someone who’s making  lasting change.

The Queens Young Leaders initiative will not only give young people from the UK the opportunity to be awarded for their commitment to tacking social issues, it will also shine light on the young people from across the Commonwealth who are also making a difference in their communities.

I believe this programme will allow Award winners to share best practice with each other and receive mentorship from individuals who are passionate about social action.




We can’t afford to throw young people away

posted 23 Aug 2013, 12:22 by Brighter Steppings

I recently put together some workshops for Brighter Steppings, the charity that helps young people to build confidence and work skills. The workshops saw a group of young people exploring the issues and challenges they face today, and I agree with some of the comments that came out of the discussions: “Some young people cannot be bothered to do anything”, “adults judging young people by their covers” and “issue of money and technology with young people”.

“We can’t afford to throw any young people away” Benjamin Carson


Help with Life @ School project

posted 15 Feb 2013, 02:41 by Brighter Steppings   [ updated 15 Feb 2013, 02:59 ]


If YOU KNOW A YOUNG PERSON, friends and families in year 7, 8 or 9 in any UK School. We would love to have you contribute to our 'Life @ School' project - It's a BOOK PUBLICATION a group of young people from Barking & Dagenham are working on. Life @ School is a fun pack book to help young people in year 6 (primary school) with their transitions into year 7 secondary school life. Our super team of young people would like to talk/interview other young people about experiences in year 7.

We are very keen on interviewing more young people. The interview questions are very simple and non intrusive.

Life @ School project is funded by London Borough of Barking and Dagenham
Supported by Dagenham Library

Do you know a/some young people to recommend? or Have some suggestions?

Please Contact SEUN on: 
07762801640 (Text, call, whatsapp)
Leave us a Facebook inbox or comment

Seun | Community Relations Manager

My Takeover Day

posted 16 Dec 2012, 04:08 by Brighter Steppings


So I've gotten up early knowing that I have to get all the way to Westminster and then the Department of Education for 10 to 9. I got to Westminster for half past and began to navigate my way to the building. I ended up asking for directions, which took me the long way round. I still got there early, and met Didi, who handed me over to Elizabeth Truss' team.


Each person explained their job role and the importance of it. I then went to a correspondence meeting where the team upstairs would access their areas progress and suggest ways to improve.


At lunch time I was taken to the new canteen and got a jacket potato and a salad. Half of the team came down and we ate together, and talked about being a student, and discounts. Then back to work for a while, and I even got to make a phone call to someone.


Later on, I was taken into the houses of parliament and on my way in I saw David Milliband. We sat in the gallery and watched a debate on Croatia that I had been watching on TV only a while before. After looking around Westminster Hall it was time to go home. I thanked everyone for a great day, and made my way home.

Thank you to Envision for providing me with this opportunity and Brighter Steppings for bringing the opportunity to my attention. 

Recent Brighter Steppings Success News

posted 27 Nov 2012, 08:24 by Brighter Steppings   [ updated 21 Dec 2012, 02:34 ]

CONGRATULATIONS to our young ambassador Shannon Adamberry on being elected onto Dagenham Park School Council - Keep up the inspiration!
Congratulations to Khadijah Sufi our Young Ambassador for achieving 3a in french.. awesome job :-)
Congrats and weldone to Dami Opara for taking on the opportunity we shared on facebook & twiiter about being a minister for a day. Thanks to Envision for posting the opportunity.
We recently joined local giving, find out more about how you can grow your tenner with us

Poem written by our strictly phenomenal Young Ambassador

posted 28 Sep 2012, 04:09 by Brighter Steppings   [ updated 28 Sep 2012, 04:11 ]

Where I Read

I read at night time because it’s a peaceful place, 
I like reading in the bath so that I can relax
I read the weather to know if it’s sunny or if it will rain
I like reading in the trees because I like hearing the birds tweet above me when I’m alone
I like reading at Christmas because I want to know what presents are mine
I read my dog’s collar to know what its name is, if we go to the park so it don’t get lost
I like reading in the library so that I can have some times to myself so my brothers and sisters don’t annoy me.

Shannon 11 years old

The Winner of Peace Week 2012 Poem Competition

posted 28 Sep 2012, 04:02 by Brighter Steppings

We are proud to announce that the winner of our Peace Week 2012 Poem Competition was a joint entry from Nicole Mann and Patrize Casey.

Good Deed

Loneliness, emptiness, that’s what they feel

The way they live it’s almost unreal

No one to lean on, no who cares

The way they are treated is so unfair

His name was Steve, he told me himself

As I stopped, felt sorry and offered to help

I got him some food and a nice hot drink

And it was at that moment I began to think

How had this happened to this kind friendly man

He was poor and homeless, collecting coins in a can!

People walk past like he doesn’t exist

If he was gone, would he ever be missed?

There may not be hope left for this man’s soul

But in his life there is only one goal

To be happy and loved, without being judged

And hope he finds peace from up above


Nicole Mann Age 17 & Patrize Casey Age 17


PRIZE - £40 Nando's Meal

Peace Week 2012 Poem Competition runner up prize goes to Ayomikun Opara.

Giving peace is a gift that should be treasured,
It mostly comes from the heart.
Many different acts could be seen as giving peace,
Which leads me on to the next part.

From helping the elderly cross the road, 
To carrying their shopping bags home.
You may be thinking you get nothing out of it,
But they might even buy you an ice cream cone.

To be honest it's not just about the ice cream, 
It’s about helping the world go round.
If everybody was doing small deeds for each other,
We could all be living safe and sound.

Ayomikun Opara age 13

PRIZE - £10 Cinema Ticket

Judging the final round by Nana Poku

posted 2 Jul 2012, 02:08 by Brighter Steppings   [ updated 2 Jul 2012, 02:10 ]

                                                                         (Nana Poku 3rd from the left)
Judging the final round of the competition was an interesting and fun experience due to the different people that were there. Ranging from Seun to Dre (a young ambassador) to managers of companies who all had their personal experiences on what to say about each video and why. The day was also funny because some videos made us laugh (no offence) and some made us argue! The hardest bit for me was the fact one of my very close friends was in the final and I couldn't vote! I had to leave the room because I couldn't bear to hear what was going on. When it came down to picking the final 3 there was a VERY long discussion because we just couldn't decide. Everyone had their own opinions and due to difference in age and experience, we all knew who we wanted to win but as a group we finally came up with our 3 winners and congratulations to them.


The prize presentation day was a hectic and tiring day. I had to wake up early and I was still late! (But so were Seun, Giffty and Dre) who I met at West Ham Station.

We got to the office where we met Jesse (another young ambassador) and we all began preparing and practising for the day. Before we knew it, time had flown by and it was time to rock & roll! Through a series of events too long to write, we started the event an hour late (sorry Seun!)

Even though we started late the whole experience was fun with us, the young ambassadors leading the day with workshops on mini speeches where Christopher won £5 and a bit of silly dancing too ha-ha. All in all, the day went well and we even had some delicious food (which me and Giffty chose) to munch on during our break.

What really stood out for me was the variety of kids that attended and the ideas they had for their competition entries, the way they recorded their videos and the way they could think on the spot creating a mini speech on a RANDOM topic we gave them (workshop game). What also stood out for me is that there are a lot of young people out there with great speaking skills but who just need a little boost and help to make the 'creme de la creme' above all the rest (english=the best of the best)

In the next competition, I am looking forward to seeing the wonderful ideas the young people of today have and how they will portray it in any form they like! I'm looking forward to judging more videos alongside my young ambassadors and being amused (in a good way) and being shocked by the little people with BIG voices and great ideas.

I think that more people should apply for future competition videos because Brighter Stepping competitions are amazing though we've only had one. Our prizes are GREAT, our ambassadors are Great and the whole experience is ...GREAT. It’s also a fun way to express your ideas in any way you like and for us to see the big voices inside different young people all around London and to help boost everyone’s self confidence and speaking skills to help them for a brighter future.

If I could apply for the competition I wouldn't hesitate but sadly I can't BUT other young people can and I hope they do because I'm looking forward to further competitions and watching their videos.

Nana Poku (15) over and out! :-)

Khadijah Sufi 2nd Prize Winner from The Compton School

posted 17 Jun 2012, 10:27 by Brighter Steppings   [ updated 28 Jun 2012, 02:25 ]

When planning my video entry, I started off by drafting off several ideas for what the stadium could be used for. These included things like a sports centre, a training camp, a school, and a housing industry. But after reviewing other video entries I realised these ideas were not original enough, and then an idea popped into my head. What about learning about the past Olympics? Surely there should be a museum out there showcasing this? But after researching from the internet, I found there were none. So I thought it would be a brilliant idea to make one!

I then began to plan out my speech, choosing a beginning, middle and end. I explained my idea in great detail in my speech, from things like what other people think the stadium should be used for, to how I would fund it, and who I could get to help. I spent 20 minutes after school for 2 days finalising the speech and adding things to it. I had about 1 weeks practice until I began filming it. It was filmed at my school, at an after school session by one of my teachers. By this time, I had memorised my whole speech, but did take a few pauses in between to remember what I was saying.

I chose to make the points that I did, because I thought that in order for people to understand your idea fully, you need to expand on it, and not just say what you want to make it. You need to explain what you would like to change it to, how you will change it, why it should be changed to that and how you can fund it without charging the country even more money.

When I found out I had gotten into the top three, I was very shocked as I was not expecting such a high result. I entered the competition, expecting just to improve my confidence, and not really thinking I would get as high as I did. I was also very proud of myself for getting that far, as were my family and friends.

Winning the IPod touch made me feel really happy. It is a great prize and I’m glad I came 2nd place. Sure, I could have come first place, but the fact that I won a prize at all, was a pleasure enough.

When we did the taster session day and the prize presentation, it taught me that I can be more confident, and that I just need a boost and I could be as confident as the current young ambassadors. It also taught me that you don’t have to be shy of what people think of you, and you should just be confident in what you do and say.

                                               (2nd Prize winner Khadijah Sufi holding her ipod touch prize)

I am hoping to get more involved in the Brighter Steppings work, and bring confidence to more people my age and perhaps to myself too.

Khadijah Sufi, Aged 13

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