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Khadijah Sufi 2nd Prize Winner from The Compton School

posted 17 Jun 2012, 10:27 by Brighter Steppings   [ updated 28 Jun 2012, 02:25 ]

When planning my video entry, I started off by drafting off several ideas for what the stadium could be used for. These included things like a sports centre, a training camp, a school, and a housing industry. But after reviewing other video entries I realised these ideas were not original enough, and then an idea popped into my head. What about learning about the past Olympics? Surely there should be a museum out there showcasing this? But after researching from the internet, I found there were none. So I thought it would be a brilliant idea to make one!

I then began to plan out my speech, choosing a beginning, middle and end. I explained my idea in great detail in my speech, from things like what other people think the stadium should be used for, to how I would fund it, and who I could get to help. I spent 20 minutes after school for 2 days finalising the speech and adding things to it. I had about 1 weeks practice until I began filming it. It was filmed at my school, at an after school session by one of my teachers. By this time, I had memorised my whole speech, but did take a few pauses in between to remember what I was saying.

I chose to make the points that I did, because I thought that in order for people to understand your idea fully, you need to expand on it, and not just say what you want to make it. You need to explain what you would like to change it to, how you will change it, why it should be changed to that and how you can fund it without charging the country even more money.

When I found out I had gotten into the top three, I was very shocked as I was not expecting such a high result. I entered the competition, expecting just to improve my confidence, and not really thinking I would get as high as I did. I was also very proud of myself for getting that far, as were my family and friends.

Winning the IPod touch made me feel really happy. It is a great prize and I’m glad I came 2nd place. Sure, I could have come first place, but the fact that I won a prize at all, was a pleasure enough.

When we did the taster session day and the prize presentation, it taught me that I can be more confident, and that I just need a boost and I could be as confident as the current young ambassadors. It also taught me that you don’t have to be shy of what people think of you, and you should just be confident in what you do and say.

                                               (2nd Prize winner Khadijah Sufi holding her ipod touch prize)

I am hoping to get more involved in the Brighter Steppings work, and bring confidence to more people my age and perhaps to myself too.

Khadijah Sufi, Aged 13