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My Takeover Day

posted 16 Dec 2012, 04:08 by Brighter Steppings


So I've gotten up early knowing that I have to get all the way to Westminster and then the Department of Education for 10 to 9. I got to Westminster for half past and began to navigate my way to the building. I ended up asking for directions, which took me the long way round. I still got there early, and met Didi, who handed me over to Elizabeth Truss' team.


Each person explained their job role and the importance of it. I then went to a correspondence meeting where the team upstairs would access their areas progress and suggest ways to improve.


At lunch time I was taken to the new canteen and got a jacket potato and a salad. Half of the team came down and we ate together, and talked about being a student, and discounts. Then back to work for a while, and I even got to make a phone call to someone.


Later on, I was taken into the houses of parliament and on my way in I saw David Milliband. We sat in the gallery and watched a debate on Croatia that I had been watching on TV only a while before. After looking around Westminster Hall it was time to go home. I thanked everyone for a great day, and made my way home.

Thank you to Envision for providing me with this opportunity and Brighter Steppings for bringing the opportunity to my attention.