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Young Ambassador "Nana's" Speech at Warden Park School Sussex

posted 11 Feb 2012, 01:13 by Brighter Steppings   [ updated 27 Feb 2012, 03:16 ]

Beep,Beep. My annoying alarm rang aloud at 5am, I'll just put it to snooze I said to myself. What seemed like 2 minutes came so quickly as my mum woke me up to say 'hey, its 5.30 now,get up'. I jumped out of bed knowing that if I lay in bed another minute I would fall back asleep again in less than a minute.

I got ready in quite a short amount of time considering I usually take ages. I'm always late meeting Seun so this time I said no way, I'm going to be on time. I made a quick coffee for my dad and then we left our house for Stratford Station. I wasn't nervous about my talk because I was telling myself not to think about instead of doing my usual thing which is putting myself into panic mode.

Walked to Stratford Station by 6.10am with my dad by my side. It was very chilly and I regretted not bringing a scarf *sigh*.

Got to the station, topped up our oysters by this time it was 6.25am and Seun had told me be there by 6.20am no later. We looked around and I couldn't see Seun. Was he late? I called Seun to ask where he was and I felt to laugh when he told me he was just leaving his house, I was finally on time and always on time Seun was late!

None the less, me and my dad tapped through and took the central line to Bank then changed for a jubilee line to London Bridge where Seun had told me to look for Chris Jones who is the Director of Resilience who Brighter Steppings had liaised with to give this talk at Warden Park School in Sussex.

Got to London Bridge tube station, called Chris and he said he was where I said I was but I was confused, I couldn't see him. Then my dad explained to me that there's London Bridge Tube station and London Bridge Train Station, I felt slightly silly at this point.

We met up with Chris at Marks and Spencers & bought a nice hot chocolate and a cheese bacon slice. We stood waiting for R’chelle, her mum and Seun. There in the distance we saw R’chelle and her mum walking towards us, we greeted everyone and stood STILL waiting for Seun.

Finally Seun came running thinking he had missed us, LOL. We beeped through and went to wait for the train which turned out to be about 15 mintues late so we had to stand in the cold just talking and getting to know what each person was going to do when we got to Warden Park School.

Finally after waiting in the cold the train came, we jumped on and sat down to a 30 minute journey. On the train, using my phone I practiced my speech and went through the slides with Chris and told him a bit about myself and he told me a bit about himself and what he does and we just talked and talked. We finally arrived at our destination, got off and went for a taxi. The taxi journey to the school was about 5-10 minutes. As we got nearer to the school, reality sunk in and my heart began to beat.

We got out of the taxi, went into reception where we had to sign in. After waiting for 5-10 minutes we were escorted to the assembly hall where we settled down and practiced our speeches abit more.

Time went quickly and in no time the hall was filled with 300 year 8 students. I was still telling myself not to be scared but my body thought differently and I was SHAKING!

Chris Jones started off the assembly by talking a bit about Resilience and why we were there, I knew that just in a few minutes he was going to call me but luckily I was breathing and ready.

My name! I walked onto the stage, drank some water and started my speech.  My speech was about succeeding in spite of adversity where I gave three examples from my own life: sports wise, education wise and life wise, on how I had succeeded in spite of the many adversities that stood ahead of me.

During the speech the sound to my video wouldn't work and my throat dried up sometimes but as I got into it, my confidence started to build up.

I went on with my speech, improvising as I went along and making the audience laugh a few times too. Finally, I finished and the audience clapped in applause. I was smiling like an excited 6 year old with a cone of ice cream.                      
After my speech, the year 8's were sent off to their allocated classrooms to go and do some work based on 'Resilience'. Me and my dad went along to one of the classrooms to see what they were up to. The teacher in our class was funny and crazy, I liked her. She was french so I don't even know how to spell her surname LOL. The kids in the classroom discussed and talked and started to build their confidence up abit.

After an hour in the classsroom, everyone returned to the assembly hall for R’chelle's talk. R’chelle spoke of falling and rising again, her story of how she fell but rose again was so touching; I had to hold back my tears. After R’chelle's talk it was time to leave. We said bye to everyone at Warden Park and went outside to our waiting taxi which took us back to the station.

From the station we bought some lunch, waited about 10 minutes till our train came, jumped onto the train and talked of our past holidays, how the day went and our future plans.

We finally arrived at London Bridge Station where we departed from Chris Jones with a quick picture.

Seun, I, my dad, R’chelle and R’chelle's mum all took the jubilee line back to Stratford but Seun got off at West Ham as he was going back to the office in Barking. We got to Stratford at about 13.00 and there me and my dad separated from R’chelle and her mum as I live in Stratford.

I got back to school just in time for lunch time, went in and met up with my friends who asked about my day in Sussex.

All in all, it was an enjoyable day and I'm hoping to do it again all over in other schools and hopefully I and R’chelle made a change in Warden Park School.

The lesson I have learnt from today is that even though I'm quite a shy person I can do big things when I believe in myself and take a chance. I also learnt that by putting myself out and doing different things for young people and different organisations it helps me as an inspired young person to do well in my future and also gives me a small boost ahead of other young people.

Being a young person talking to other young people and actually inspiring them makes me feel really good about myself. How many 15 years old can say 'I spoke infront of 300 students and changed their minds about themselves’? Not many.

From now on I'm going to be more confident in myself and my words and work. By standing there with so many people saying I'm a great speaker it just makes me more determined to do more and more things for young people such as myself to inspire them and to show them that age doesn't matter. With confidence and resilience anything is possible for a young person.

By: Nana Aduse-Poku, 15 years old
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