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Tailored Work Experience

Brighter Steppings `Tailored Work Experience` programme engages local businesses/services and their employees with young people in Barking and Dagenham. Brighter Steppings aims to inspire, unlock potential and raise aspirations of young people through support in getting young people to suitable working environments that are relevant, relates to, complements each individual’s career aspirations and to learn about the working environment and to develop skills that boost their employability prowess.

We provide young people with two week or extended placements with local businesses or service provider.

As part of this programme, all young people involved will take part in `Brighter Day Tour` Learning more about various local businesses and service providers other than the specific placement that have been tailored for each individual. The `Brighter Day Tour` helps young people to develop an understanding of the functionalities of local businesses and see what goes on in a variety of different departments of companies.

Young people also get the opportunity to talk to employers/employees to find out more about the skills and qualification needed for a career in that sector.

Please note

At the end of the tour there will be an interactive fun team quiz on what you have learn from the day to boost the team working skills of the young people on the `Brighter Day Tour`.
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